Dr. Drew McPhail, a board certified Chiropractic Physician, has been on a life long journey to end more effective ways to relieve suffering and helping others live pain free.

Dr. McPhail is one of only a handful of doctors with specific training to care for patients with Peripheral Neuropathy. He has trained and worked with some of the leaders in the treatment of Neuropathy.

Using procedures to treat the nerve damage, Dr. McPhail has been able to help patients with tingling, burning, numbness and PAINFUL feet and hands to improve the quality of their lives.

​McPhail Chiropractic has a strong concern for the well-being of their patients, a well trained staff, and the most modern equipment and procedures available for dealing with the suffering of peripheral neuropathy. If you suffer from the painful and often debilitating symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy, contact McPhail Chiropractic.

“It was so difficult sleeping at night, my feet and legs were so
cold and they constantly twitched and tingled.

My restless legs made me so fatigued and tired always keeping me up at night.
I had tried everything from different drugs and sleep medications with no relief.

Since visiting McPhail Chiropractic my feet
and legs finally feel worm at night and the tingling has finally
resolved and best of all I am sleeping!” E. J.

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